Ella Mar

Debut album "Embodimental" out 11/11/2019


18.02.19 (February 18th)

I don’t know what it is about forests that fascinates me the way it does. Maybe it’s the sensation that for once, something outside correlates visually with what I feel inside. I like that they’re mysterious. I like that they’re both a place to hide in and to get lost in. It might sound a bit over the top, but forests make me feel understood.

The 2nd single off my debut album, ‘Forest’, is out now on all platforms.

Come get lost, or found.


08.12.18 (December 8th)

That’s it. The wait is over and my debut single is FINALLY out there for everyone to have and to hold, and for me to let go of.

I have had such a long journey with this one, beginning maybe 6 or 7 years ago. During yet another period of constantly fighting with my brain, leaving me extremely exhausted and overwhelmed, I had the impulse to write about it.

Shahar and I didn’t have an easy time with ‘Hold Your Fire’ in the beginning, but inside I knew it could be a shining star. We ended up falling in love with it, being lucky enough to have the most amazing people record on it until it felt powerful, pitiless enough for us.

And now it’s out there.



24.06.18 (June 24th)

Time to come out of my shell.
See you in the wild?
July 11th, Levontin 7, Tel Aviv.


11.04.18 (april 11th)

To impair the soundness, perfection or integrity of something, making it less enjoyable; a kink, flaw, distortion. 

Could you tell the palm of your own hand from another's if it wasn't for the lines and creases defined in your skin, which make for your print in the world? 

I find inspiration in flowers growing wild at the mercy of sun and rain, as I do in moss covered sunken ships dwelling at the bottom of an ocean. 

The music I play is an aesthetic of imperfection. 
I'm not a diamond in the rough, but an unpolished, bumpy gem born from rock. 

Ella Mar here, and after working for so long in the studio, I'm bringing a new era with me.
Stay attuned.




19.4.17 (April 19th)

So I finally decided to go visit some other cities around Israel with my music, just me and my guitar,
and honestly I am very excited to do so. Generally speaking, performing solo is such a complex, vulnerable experience, especially when it comes to new audiences. I've been watching A LOT of solo performances by all of my favorite artists in order to try and learn from the best how this specific magic happens.
I feel like I'm walking towards an adventure, and I like it very much.
I hope you do too. Join me if you're around.


Painting by Daniella Bokor, Graphic Design by Yuval Zohar

Painting by Daniella Bokor, Graphic Design by Yuval Zohar

17.12.16 (december 17th)

Thank you to everyone who came to our show at Hoodna Bar!
It was our first time performing there, and we loved the home-like vibes.
It was cold outside but very warm, welcoming and cozy inside, almost like playing at our own living room, but with you all listening.
Thank you.


11.12.16 (December 11th)

(Almost) goodbye 2016. It's been real.
2017, I'm ready for ya and for many, many more experiences, shows and studio hours.
I hope you guys are too,
Stay tuned.

**Next Show - Hoodna Bar TLV 14/12**


16.10.16 (October 16th)

Poster by Daniella Bokor

Poster by Daniella Bokor

I know, I've been quiet. but here it is.

After months of rehearsals, while working on my debut album at the same time, my first band show with my new band (Sivan Dahan on keys and Daniel Laskevich on guitar) will take place in two weeks at Levontin 7, Tel Aviv.
The guys have been truly amazing the entire period and I'm dying for you to hear what we've been working on.

I'll be more than blissed to see y'all.

A lot more surprises are to come.